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Thread: Couple of Groaners

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    Default Couple of Groaners

    First one-the red Toucan

    A Dominicanican named Juan decided that he
    might be able to supplement his income
    by investing in, breeding, and selling
    tropical birds. He began by buying a
    large red-billed toucan and started to
    raise it to attempt to discover if he
    had a flair for handling birds. He soon
    discovered that the care and feeding of his rare tropical toucan was
    costing much more than he had originally anticipated.

    Juan tried to save money by sacrificing his own dietary well being
    and began living on basic staples like rice and beans. Unfortunately,
    the bird was still very expensive to feed and care for. Juan
    experimented. He began feeding his bird the same food he ate.

    He was surprised to discover that the bird flourished. The toucan
    did wonderfully well eating the same inexpensive food as Juan. The
    bird particularly liked rice and beans. Juan became famous in the
    annals of bird breeding when it was discovered that toucan live as
    cheap as Juan.

    And the second one: Trade learned in Prison

    Don was sent to prison. He got along well with
    his fellow inmates, and with the guards, and even
    the warden liked him. Deciding that Don deserved to
    learn a trade, the warden arranged for him to become
    a carpenter. After several years, Don was earning
    recognition as one of the best carpenters in the area
    and would often be given a weekend pass to do odd jobs,
    always reporting back to the prison by the end of the
    day on Sundays. One day, the warden called Don into
    his office and asked if he would build a set of kitchen
    cupboards and fit the revamped kitchen for a new
    countertop, which he had promised his wife.

    "Gee, I sure would like to, warden," Don told him,
    "but counter-fitting is what got me into prison in the
    first place!"


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    Talking Groaners

    Hillbilly, they were so baaaaaadddddddddddd I will not be able to eat for the rest of the day. I'll just have to consume some more cold Presidente's to try to forget them. Regards, PJT.

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