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Thread: The Netherlands

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    Lightbulb The Netherlands

    Most people who visit this forum are from Canada or US.
    Are there also people from Holland?
    I want to talk with them about moving to DR and especially the
    south coast (La Romana area).

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    Talking Any from NL ? ya betcha !

    Yes, there's quite a few from the little, wet country.
    Moving to the Republica Dominica is in my masterplan too.
    I prefer the south too (sorry, please forgive, MrB) but that's because my friends live there.
    Mail me. Misschien kan ik je helpen.

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    Yes, there are.
    What do you want to know and what kind of activities/business you are thinking of or do you want some information about????????
    Please let me know.

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    Default just some tips...

    Don't light a doobie in a bar...

    Don't look for a Red Light district, the whole county has that light on...

    Bring your bulbs with you...

    Leave the wooden shoes home...

    Pesos and not Guilders...

    No Canals or ****ing stalls...

    Be happy you speak 4 languages...

    DR is not as permissive as Holland, Policia will ruin your day...

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    Unhappy Que chistoso ese gordito

    Thanx, Jazzcom, valuable tips.
    Here's the update, for this Holandes anyway :

    I take my Brugal at home or with buddies at the colmado

    U sure ? the whole country one big red light ?
    Here in Amsterdam at least we control this type of amusement

    Ah, yes.... lightbulbs : ever heard of Phillips ?

    Holland makes wooden shoes for tourists, mainly.
    They damage our tulips.

    Guilders ?!? Euros, baby, Euros !
    (US$ parity, my man, parity)

    Canals.... same thing, for tourists..
    Ok, for drainage too. (we live below sea-level, ya know)
    You wouldn't want to be caught ****ing in them, though.
    It's a public indecency, fine is 50 euros.

    True, to some degree most Dutch can speak more than one foreign language.
    Not sure about Espaņol, though. What they speak in Torremolinos is quite different and has far less salsa than Dominicano propio.

    I agree. Here you can fill your pocket with Sensimilla or hashish and say it's for personal use. You walk.
    But...ehhh... now what ? Are you telling me you don't have a peek at those topless Dutch ladies at the all inclusive in Samana or Boca Chica ?

    Todo en broma, nada en serio.
    Y'all take care, hear ?!


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