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    Default For those Planning a visit to the DR

    Future visitors,
    For those that use this board for information let me humbly give you my opinion on a few topics.
    1. Dominicans: I have lived here for about 4 years now so I am not an expert, but I have found the Dominican people to be some of the friendliest people in all of my travels around the world.
    If you sleep with hoars or you dance like a hoar at seedy clubs you will generally run into desperate people who do not reflect the majority of Dominicans.
    2. If you stay at a hotel here and you are looking for a family vacation then this is a great place for you. You will rarely run into the types of people some of the posters have mentioned in other posts.
    Those (singles) looking for something more are sure to be pleased, but don't be surprised if you run into a few people with less that the traditional "values" you are looking for at home.
    The DR is a wonderful, safe place to visit, but it is not imune to low life type characters.
    Have a great vacation!
    CMS (an American happily working in the DR)

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    Hey how is it going American... what made you want to move to the DR... I am a Dominican who was raised in the US all life... and I am really thinking of going back... how do i get started?

    my address here is Ladominicanaza


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