This satellite was successfully launched july 17th, 37,000 miles above the earth. i was told a few weeks back by a vendor of satellite networks here in montreal that starchoice should now work in dr, including samana region. it's at 111.1 degrees. i would like to take a receiver down next week and try it. can anybody tell me if they have experience and what the latitude degree would be for aiming this. i will hire a company to do it, but they might not be aware of the location of satellite.

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Anik F2, WildBlue a Launch Away from Service


The bird that will put WildBlue into the satellite broadband business is set for launch Monday.

The Anik F2 satellite, which will be launched for Telesat Canada by Arianespace, will fly at 8:43 p.m. Eastern from Arianespace's launch facility on Kourou, French Guiana. Anik F2, which Telesat said is the world's largest commercial communications satellite, has Ka-Band capacity on board that will support the WildBlue service in the United States.

The satellite will be located at 111.1 degrees.

WildBlue partnered with Telesat to gain the Ka-Band capacity aboard the satellite, which will be close to its own orbital location at 109.2 degrees. The company has plans in place to eventually put its own satellite into that orbital slot. In addition to having Telesat as a partner, WildBlue has key strategic investors: The National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative, Liberty Media and Intelsat.