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    Default Blessed the VIP visitors

    For the first time since it was known that President Hipolito Mejia would not be reelected, we have had almost uninterrupted power service in the Julieta area of Santo Domingo. Think power has only been out today for 6 hours -- a record after dealing with 20 hour blackouts in the past three months.

    Blessed the souls of all the visiting heads of state and government, and the Brazilian football team coming to play an exhibition game on Tuesday at the Juan Pablo Duarte Olympic Stadium (3 pm -- tickets sold at the Football Federation -- don't know where that is).

    Proving again that it is just a matter of money, the power miraculously has been turned back on. We are enjoying the days sans fumes and noise of power plants while it lasts.

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    Delighted for you folk in Santo Domingo, but haven't noticed a huge improvement on North Coast. How is Santiago making out? Better or not?

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    Default some questions

    Who is pulling the strings? What is the reasoning behind this? Is it so that the heads of state get an impression that the DR is a country where things work? In whose interest is it to make this impression? The outgoing government, the incoming government or the power companies themselves?

    Do I get my flight on Wednesday or stay put?



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