Well, I think this will work .. any further ideas to make it work will be welcome.

I'll start. I have a number of English bestsellers, junk, science fiction, and so on to trade. I'm willing to put it on the bus to your destination - what about a 5 for 5?

So, if we can attract Travelling Library Members and we are all willing to put 5 books in a box on the bus, to receive 5 books in return, I don't think we can go wrong.

So, at the moment, I'm looking for anything excepting what I have by Cormac McCarthy, the latest Jonathan Kellerman and similar psycho thrillers, and anything by popular Spanish writers (easy reading please as I'm still a Spanish reading novice) and anything bestseller.

What I have to trade, is the following authors:

Dan Brown - 3 latest
Cormac McCarthy - All The Pretty Horses
Tom Clancy - basically everything
Jonathan Kellerman - all the older stuff
Richard North Patterson - most of
Robert Ludlum - mostly everything
Clive Cussler - a whole mess of it
Michener - a few
John Le Carré - a few
Richard Marchinco - a few
A mess of science fiction - I can throw 5 of anything in a box and send it
A little out of the norm, most everything by Tom Robbins.
And some real literature - but let's stick to the popular authors for now..

Just a few notes, let's share telephone numbers for the bus services on pm's only and if anyone wants me to be an intermediary, ie., ship books to me in Santiago to ship onwards , please feel free to pm me and to say so. This could be the cheapest library service ever. I'm getting real tired of waiting for books from the US.