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    Default Where to buy cheap invertor battery?

    With only a few months left on my stay here in the D.R., one of my inverter batteries took a nose dive. Does anyone know where I can find a cheap invertor battery or maybe even a used one that is in decent shape? Only need it to last a few-6 months...

    I'm in S.D. btw.

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    I am looking here in the U.S. to buy a invertor and bring it to the Dr does anyone know of any problems bring a invertor from the U.S to the DR? Will the invertors in the U.S. work in the DR? Thank for any help.

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    NV, walk into a few of small shops that cell invertors/batteries and ask about a price for used one. There are hundreds, if not thousands of such shops in SD, I seen at least three in Megacentro are, but they are everywhere.

    Once you found the battery you are willing to pay for, request to have it checked by tester and under the load in front of you. Tester must read "full" after 20 Sec. of loading the battery (load resistor gets quite hot and you should feel hot air rising from it). If the shop does not have battery tester - do not buy there, no matter how well is the price and how long the warranty, go next door. A couple of hours of shopping should find you what you are looking for.


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