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    Default JCE to Fire 1,000

    The dr1 news bulletin today reports that the JCE is going to fire 1,000. That is the agency that runs elections and issues cedulas.

    I would think they could easily reduce by 1,000. Whenever I have gone to their office in Santo Domingo to obtain or renew my cedula, it seemed that the room was full, mostly with employees with nothing to do but chat and read magazines.

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    Default Botellas and 'Sabe Muchos'

    Quote Originally Posted by Ken View Post
    ...the room was full, mostly with employees with nothing to do but chat and read magazines.
    That's not bad.

    At least they do exist and showed up at their workplaces.

    There are many others whose names only exist on payrolls and other people receive their wages.
    Then there are minors who receive government pensions and others who have never worked at a government office.

    Also dead persons' salaries or pensions are collected by 'sabe muchos'.

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    I got me first job at JCE when registro electoral was created. Lic. Danilo Santana at that time was helping me with some legal papers. He asked me to write down something to see my handwriting then he told me I am going help you to get a job. I know he had a lot of obstacle but I got it. I started in Villa Duarte. A co-worker told us his father called him to tell him,he has a job because he is sleeping the whole day. A government jeep from his father's office was bringing him every day to work to make sure he goes to work and coming back to pick him up.
    I wanted to buy stuff for my whole family. My mother told me you do not have a padrino, put your money in the bank. I was being paid $125.00 a month.
    After 3 months, rumors about firing. I was the first one to go.
    I know Lic. Santana tried his best but if you have to choose from your list, you will not choose a family member.
    This new firing bring me old memories. People will be still on the payroll without showing to work. They will fire the ones that really works because they cannot touch the ones that have padrinos or are hijos/as de fulanito.


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