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    I'm in middle school (grade 6) and my partner Johnny and I are doing a project on the Dominican Republic. We are gathering information from the internet and the library but would really like to include some other stuff. Can anyone email us the following:

    Favourite recipes. We would make it and give it out to our class to sample.

    The address of a grade 6 class that we could write to and exchange information with.

    Favourite music and t.v. shows of grade 6 students.

    Favourite sports or games played.

    The kids in grade 6 here are 11 and 12 years old. Our school is just outside of Toronto, Canada.

    Please send us any information you have. Thank you very much!

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    Check out the Carol Morgan School, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic web pages--can be quite slow at times, so have patience. You should be able to get some good contacts via the school e-mail directory. Classes resume January 11, 1999.

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    Debbie's website has a section for students at:

    Goodluck with your project!!!


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    Bill MacDonald

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    Eric At the top of this page there are options like; Travel, Classifieds, etc. Click on travel the section has recipes and might have other helpful info as well as the links the other two posts provided. Good Luck Bill


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