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    Default Tricom internet vs Codetel internet

    Codetel: 5Mbs, RD$5995/month

    Tricom: 1.4Mbs, RD$3650/month (Internet Banda Ancha)

    Therefore according to their advertised rates, codetel should be 3.5 times faster than tricom, and at a comparably cheaper rate, since it only costs 1.6 times more.

    Actual speed (using Speakeasy - Speed Test to the NYC server)

    Codetel: 662kbs down, 490 kbs up
    Tricom: 1462kbps down, 704 kbs up

    Tricom is 2.2 times FASTER than codetel downloading and 1.4 times faster uploading!

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    My guess is that Codetel need to change your modem. Ask them to give you a Cisco 800 modem or one that can be programmed.

    We had the same problem, they fixed the modem and our speed went to what it should be.

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