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    Default Workers from Haiti

    do Haitians have any "status" in the Dominican Republic? Specifically in employment? Do they work under the same legal rules for employing Dominicans? Is there any legal difference in having a Dominican housekeeper or a Hatian housekeeper ( or whatever job )? Just wondering as I suppose there will be more in the country now.

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    The only difference is whether an immigrant is legal or not.

    Legals get full protection of the law, no difference from a national. Due to their legality, this is easily put in practice because they are not afraid of deportation, a legal immigrant can't be deported unless they do something (crime, etc) that could result in a void of their visa.

    Illegals get the very basic guaranteed by law. However, due to their illegality, it's hard to put in practice those guarantees because many are afraid of the authorities for fear of deportation.

    Same story everywhere in the world.


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