"Rafaela" - good film nobody wants to see.


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Sep 5, 2014
Out of three crime generators (poverty, greed and Freud), "Rafaela" focuses on the first one, but you will find traits of the other two, too. Dominican cinematography comes up with valuable movies, historical, entertainment and, in this case, social/action drama, thanks to the government subsidies allowing the producers freedom from the ticket-box dictatorship (Ley de Cine 108-10).

You will see garbage dumps, dwellings unseen even by long time residents, child abuse, junk motorcycles, hold-ups, drugs and a woman hero in the middle, or rather at the top of all this. Pregnancy is a part of the story, too, rightfully spoiling the show for the Friday fun seekers. Unsurprisingly, because Judith Rodríguez, the main actor, has herself made a short version of the story 10 years ago.

What you will not see is a happy end. Bad guy wins. If you have been trained to associate film production with Hollywood commerce crap don't go.

I am impressed by the interpretation of Judith but also grateful to the Ministry of Culture for keeping this piece of art out of reach of the free market forces. Four people in the hall confirm they did a good job.
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Mar 26, 2019
The trailer seemed to be trying too hard...was that scene from the trailer filed in Rio San Juan ? Since La Soga, which was a disappointment I didn't bother with a Dominican movie.