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Nov 30, 2022
Costambar, Puerto Plata
I'm not affiliated with the company but have got to know these guys over the years we have been using them.

They only ship one way, Southern Ontario and Montreal to the North Coast landing in Puerto Plata. Their main business is to consolidated smaller packages into a shipping container load that leaves usally at the end of the month and mid month depending on demand. They collect in the GTA I know for sure but you need to keep trying them to get in touch as they are a small team and often all on the road. Whatsapp is the best means to communicate. It takes us about a week to get hold of the company to arrange a pickup and we have all our stuff ready at least two weeks in advance as the pickup final notification on when they can collect is typically only a day before they can come, they have to consolidate multiple customers based on location to optimize efficiency and keep costs down.

You need to have valid ID for shipper and recipient; ideally passport for shipper and cedula for the recipient.

Detailed list of items you are shipping, I often also take photos to record what we have sent as mutual protection as items can get misplaced or I foget what I packed where.

Pack items well but be prepared as they will need to be inspected both on departure and on arrival in the DR. Some folks thought they might sneak restricted items through and I know they were caught and prosecuted. Hence the need for both yours and the shippers protection. Custom and excise is a serious issue in Canada and the DR. Don't try smuggling with these guys you will get caught out!

You are paying on volume not weight so we ship heavy items and hand carry delicate and light items in our suitcase.

Nov 29th 2022. Just had another shipment for our winter trip and also for some friends here. We consolidated our items into a single shipment. Collected from our house in Mississauga on November 7th and was delivered to our property in Costambar on the 28th, so door to door in 21 days. Everything arrived in perfect order no issues.

27 Gallon bins from Home Depot or Costco. Can't find them on line currently at Costco but they were available at a couple of our local stores.

HDX 102L Strong Box Tote in Black/Yellow​

We shipped;18 x 27-Gallon storage bins, 2 x 5 gallon pails, a large picture in frame 48x 36 x 2 in plus two glazed patio doors, lots of glass; and all arrived in perfect condition.

5 stars. Prices have gone up but are inline with current inflation rates and other cost increases but still cheaper and more convient than an extra suitcase on the plane. Thanks Maximo and team.


Be prepared for a lag in communication. Not a large Company but they work hard and have been great value and help in getting our stuff from Toronto to Costambar, Puerto Plata.

We have been using this family run firm for more that 15 years A great resource to get smaller personal and household shipments to the DR, many thanks to Maximo and his family.

Typical we ship smaller items in plastic bins before every trip to the DR. We use bins versus a larger barrels just for ease of handling and ability to reuse the bins in the DR. We use the bins in the house after the items arrive to keep things organized. Then to store stuff when we pack up to go back to Canada.

We ship about 2 to 3 weeks before we leave so the items arrive just after we get to the DR.

Don't ship luxuary electronics TV or high end AV equipment. Expect DR customs to inspect everything. Use clear packaging if possible. Or manufacturer sealed packaging. If in doubt ask the boys in advance. They are honest and in our experience know what will and will not be accepted in the DR. We have never had any issues in some 20 shipments if you follow thier advice. Our exceptions have been leaking bottle of shampoo and a broken glass due to poor packing. If not properly sealed, tape up caps around liquid containers. Pack items such that they will be jostled while is transit they are going by sea.

We ship household and personal items, bedding, towels cloths, kitchen utensils, home renovation items, tools, etc. Food, items that are at least hard to get or on sale and significantly cheaper in Canada. We only ship items that are at least to 3 to 4 times more expensive in the DR or are not typically available locally, that's my guidance.

Dollarama is a great from metal serving spoons, zip lock bags, strong plastic glasses, baking trays and cleaning sponges, dog chews, vacuum storage bags for clothing, bedding and towels being left for next trip. We have shipped used household (white goods) appliance from Toronto to the DR, fridge freezers, top loader washers. These were all either already owned and surplus to needs in Canada or purchased cheap and shipped.

Canned foods, quinoa, crunchy peanut butter, Basmati rice, beef bouillon (liquid or powder) Canadian flour for baking, our brand of tea bags, various containers of nuts, walnuts, cashews, dried fruit raisins sultarns. Curry powders, spices, pepper mills. More of the specialty type items that make life enjoyable for longer stays. I know it sounds odd but we also ship our own toilet paper, batteries, marker pens. We trip back and forth to the DR versus being permanent residents due to our life style so this works for us.

Hope this helps.


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Nov 30, 2022
Costambar, Puerto Plata
Sorry this was my first post on the site I should have been more specific. My post regarding shipping from Canada to DR with the Peralta Bros. Only way I've had items go back to Canada was hand carry or in an single family container shipment.
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Feb 26, 2019
I found Peralta Bros to be very unresponsive in communicating.
Took several days to get a response, if at all. If I asked 2 questions, only one would be answered. I wanted to drop items off, they couldn't commit to a time that they'd be open. I didn't want to drive 45 mins to find them not there.

someone suggested Ship to DR in Mississauga. What a difference!
A lot of information on their website, you can calculate what your shipment will cost and receive a confirmation & tracking number.
Rates were less than Peralta's
Whatsapp messages were answered within minutes. Their location is open daily with regular hours for drop off, they also do pickups.

The staff in Mississauga are very helpful, unloaded the packages from our vehicle, processed the paperwork and we were on our way quickly.
When our items arrived in the DR, I got a call to say they would be delivered the next day. The following morning, a call from the delivery agent to confirm our address and set up a time they would be in Costambar. The driver even brought the barrels up the steps and inside for us.
I highly recommend them.