The Dominican Peso will be 1:1 with the US Dollar Again?


Jun 28, 2003
Will it be 1:1 again?
Answer: It will be whatever the Dominican Republic gubmint wants it to be. It is not a tradeable currency. The DOP does not trade with big boy pants on like the leading currencies.If you're a betting person you will understand it like this: At the roulette wheel the winning number is controlled by a foot pedal that says-over, under or even, to your bet. Real simple.
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Mr Deal HD

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Sep 11, 2019

This was yesterday's rates at these locations:

55.8 Caribe Express San Cristobal
54.20 BHD San Cristóbal
I don’t exchange money. I use one of my debit cards (issued in the Bahamas; BSD 1:1 with USD). Which doesn’t charge me foreign transaction fees. And exchanges based on the market; 57.15 as of this moment. I hardly ever use or need cash and I’ve been living here for 2 years. Only time cash is needed is for propinas, and buying jewelry because they don’t accept cards where I go. I reside in the ND in Santo Domingo, so cards are accepted everywhere I frequent (except my jeweler). Even the colmado sends the guys on the moto with the portable POS. So, I rarely need cash.

P.S. - And don’t worry, I use this particular card because I only keep a few dollars on this account and then transfer money there from another account using my banking app to make payments. If my card is cloned, it will essentially be worthless to the scammers.