University of Cornell helps improve Dominican forests

The today director of the Department of Forests, Radham?s Lora Salcedo realized a lifetime dream, and this week received the visit of his alma mater University of Cornell forestry experts that visited on occasion of the formal start of operation of the Center for Bioclimatic and Genetic Studies of the Pinus Occidentalis. The Pinus Occidentalis is the pine tree that best has adapted to tropical forest conditions in the DR. The new center seeks to improve the species in order to continue planting these in Dominican forests. The project has the assistance of University of Cornell natural resources experts Timothy Fahey, James P. Lassoie, Ruth Sherman and Steve Keem, who came for the occasion and will assist in local efforts. The new installations are located 180 kilometers from Santo Domingo in the high up mountain river basin of Yaque del Norte river, where the Arraijan, Los Tablones, Los Guanos and Manuel Estrella rivers meet. Pinus Occidentalist wood has proven highly resistant to plagues. Professor Fahey says that the forests of the Cordillera Central in the Dominican Republic, where the center is located, are a treasure that has no comparison in the world.