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More travellers from Cincinnati, Baltimore and Atlanta

2001 could still be a good year in numbers of leisure travellers from the United States to Punta Cana, reports El Caribe. The area is the most popular in the DR with US travellers and was hardest hit by 11 September events which caused multiple cancellations of charters primarily from the New York area.
But Walter Zemialkowski, spokesman for the Punta Cana airport, says that while arrivals from traditional destinations such as New York, Newark and Boston are down, travel from new markets is up. He referred to arrivals from Baltimore, Cincinnati and Atlanta. Zemialkowski is optimistic that when cabin fever sets in, thousands in the US mid west will also head for this warm destination, increasing the numbers from that part of the US.
Punta Cana Airport numbers for October show that travel overall from the US was the same as in October 2000. The area had expected 2001 to be a record year. Major declines were experienced in travel from Argentina and Germany, reflecting economic troubles at home.
According to Arturo Villanueva, vice president of the National Hotel & Restaurant Association, the 11 September events are causing travellers to be more discerning when choosing where to vacation. “Now the traveller will choose the destination with more care in regards to quality and price and we compete better than any other destination in the Caribbean,” he said. He emphasized that there is no other destination that offers better value for money than Punta Cana. ( November 2001)