Goodson for 23 Dominicans?

Judge Alfredo Rios Fabian authorized the Attorney General of the Dominican Republic to formalize a request to extradite Sam Goodson from the United States in order to face charges of a billion peso fraud in the Plan Renove case.

On the other hand, the Attorney General and the United States Embassy have requested the Supreme Court to order the arrest of 23 Dominicans wanted in relation to various crimes in the United States. As reported by the Listin Diario, the Penal Chamber of the Supreme Court has delayed its decision until 11 January. In the Goodson case, Judge Rios Fabian ratified the arrest order requested last November by the Attorney General who told the court that he has enough evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused was involved in the fraud surrounding Plan Renove.

Goodson, also known by his Israeli name of Shlo Bentov, was considered to be the key person in providing the Hyundai vehicles for Plan Renove.

The 23 Dominicans cited in the request to the Supreme Court are wanted for drug offenses, fraud and murder charges. Many of the accused were free on bail or awaiting sentencing before fleeing to the Dominican Republic. One of the accused, Felix Madera, has been requested in extradition since 1988.