A recount of the rain damages

Catchup and tomato paste might become scarce, and the rice crop has been dealt a serious blow in may parts of the Cibao Valley. The crop of the so-called “Barcelo” tomato has been damaged by at least 20% according to estimates made by agronomists for the Ministry of Agriculture. According to Hoy, over 1,400 families have sought refuge with relations or friends. Several of the Land Reform projects are under water and their crops lost for this production cycle. The flood waters along the lower Yaque del Norte river in the province of Monte Cristi have damaged the seed beds of tomatoes and rice. On the other side of the country, in Nagua, father Rogelio Cruz told reporters that at least another seven communities had been isolated by the floodwaters, and the people in La Ceja, Los Peinados and Los Contreras were undergoing more hardships. The priest said that the people did not want to leave their homes and that the government was distributing food and trying to clean up the roadways into the affected zones. In Santiago, authorities said that the Tavera Dam was venting 165 cubic meters per second because the water level had reached 327.02 meters and the maximum level permitted was just 327.5 meters. Downstream, thousands of tareas of farmlands have been flooded. From Puerto Plata the news is that the Puerto Plata Water System (CORAAPLATA) was damaged by flood waters, affecting Altamira, Martin Alonzo, El Estrecho, Luperon and other parts of Puerto Plata. Provincial authorities also said that the roadway between El Estrecho and El Castillo was cut in four places by the Bajabonico river, isolating the town of Luperon and the village of El Castillo. The newspaper La Informacion, from Santiago, reports that major damage has occurred along the highway that connects Canca La Reina, Entrada La Reina and San Victor to the Duarte highway. What is interesting to note is that this is in the valley and not on a steep hillside.