Fraud at EdeSur

Ruben Bichara, administrator of EdeSur power distribution company said that they have detected and put an end to fraudulent operations of RD$800 million carried out by employees of the company, as reported in the Listin Diario. The employees had contacts with some 300 companies to which they granted power bill reductions of up to 90% of the billing totals. He mentioned the case of one company that was due to pay RD$15 million and received a reduction to RD$600,000. He said the companies are being asked to pay the correct charges.

Bichara told Hoy newspaper that the government is in the process of revising the buyback contract of the EdeSur and EdeNorte power distribution companies from Union Fenosa of Spain. He commented that the agreement reached by the past administration calls for the retaining of almost RD$200 million month in revenues from the better paying clients for meeting the debt authorized by the Mejia government to the otherwise collapsed power distribution companies.