More on Renove

The director of the Department for the Prevention of Corruption (Depreco), Octavio Lister denounced that directors of the Plan Renove reaped US$600,000 in fraudulent money against the governmental OMSA, in addition to delivering vehicles of less worth than those that had been requested and billed to the government, as reported in Hoy newspaper. He denounced that 106 of the vehicles were distributed amongst the directors of the Plan Renove themselves. He said these vehicles need to be returned or their beneficiaries will be taken to justice.

He mentioned that transport union directors Antonio Marte (Conatra) and Juan Hubieres (Fenatrano) had committed to respectively return nine and five units. Another union man Antonio Marte, reportedly received seven.

He explained that some 106 Hyundai Aero Space vehicles were imported at a cost of US$75,176 each, but were not delivered despite there being a contract. He said that these instead were allotted to the directors of the transport federations and those that were delivered to OMSA were Aero City vehicles, valued at US$69,901 each, while the state was billed for US$75,176, or a difference of almost US$6,000 on each.