Two surviving quadruplets, one critical

One of the two surviving quadruplets born on Nov 24, Wendy Estefany, was in critical state yesterday and is not tolerating breastfeeding while her sister, Diana Isabel, is stable as reported by Listin Diario. Two of the four quadruplets born at Hospital de la Mujer Dominicana, Lisa Altagracia and Luis Eduardo, died last week due to brain and lung hemorrhages. They were born prematurely, when their 22-year-old mother, Lisbet Binet, was only 28 weeks pregnant.

Diario Libre reports that Wendy weighs just over one pound and is not absorbing the amount of calories and proteins she is receiving by breastfeeding.

In a related case, Listin Diario reports that Maxima Perez, who is pregnant with sextuplets and is in the same hospital, is in stable condition and there is no date set for the babies’ birth.