SUV recovered in record time

Because its owners had installed a satellite tracking system (in this case Lo Jack), a Mitsubishi Montero was recovered within hours of being stolen. The vehicle was reported stolen between 10:00 pm and 11:00 pm, and by 11:20 the company had received signals from the vehicle that traced its movement. Because the companies that install this sort of apparatus have an agreement with the Justice Department, there are assistant district attorneys available and police officers on hand to apprehend suspects. In this case, the police and justice officials were able to locate the stolen SUV at 1:00am in a farm in the La Victoria section of Santo Domingo, and arrested three men accused of being part of the band of thieves. Along with the cited Montero, there were several other vehicles on the farm, waiting to be dismantled for spare parts. The police have not yet identified the owner of the farm where the vehicles were recovered.