Citizen Participation report card

The government watchdog group, Citizen Participation (Participacion Ciudadana) has released its report card for 2005. It called the increase in “burdensome” public officials, the lack of results in the fight against government corruption and the tightening in public expenditures the most serious weaknesses of the current administration. Their report, “The 2005 Balance Sheet and Perspectives for 2006” shows other deficiencies and jobs pending solutions, and among these are the large number of case dismissals in courts around the country, and the instability of the police as an institution. PC also criticizes the deaths of citizens at the hands of the police during supposed shootouts. Finally, PC points out that the citizenry also feels that the guilty are immune to judicial punishment. PC is also highly skeptical about the government’s supposed austerity plans, especially in the light of the increased government payroll. The report card points to the numerous public works projects that need to be completed, and the lack of transparency regarding government bids. On the more positive side of the report card, PC praises the government for reining in the inflation rate and stabilizing the economy.