Senasa ironies

The Dominican social security system that would provide coverage to most Dominicans has not yet been able to be implemented, but, as reported in Clave newspaper, the government chose to spend RD$140 million, including RD$100 million for remodeling and furnishing, on the new headquarters for the Seguro Nacional de Salud (Senasa) department. The newspaper points out that luxury decorative items such as marble and carpeting have been used in the headquarters that are located at Calle Presidente Gonzalez No. 19, in the capital’s Naco neighborhood. The newspaper points out that a bid for remodeling that would have cost RD$40 million less presented by Targot Comercial/Fulcar & Asociados was turned down to favor Cosmopolitan World, C. por A. It reports that the company was registered with the Chamber of Commerce as a firm whose main business is the import and export of raw material for industry, inputs and chemicals, and to represent international brands, and is, or was, a supplier to the governmental Promese generic pharmaceuticals program. But the firm later diversified to equip the UASD library and a new wing at the Dr. Robert Reid Cabral Hospital. Clave points out irregularities in the pricing, mentioning that the department’s sign alone, which measures 2.5 meters wide by 3.5 tall, was budgeted at RD$605,826, which Clave reporters’ research showed is three times the market price for the item. The government has already paid the contractor 90% of the total remodeling project.