Multi-fuel terminal for 2009

AES Dominicana and Marti Petroleum Group (Marti PG) have signed an agreement for the construction of what would be the largest and most modern fuel terminal in the DR, as reported in El Caribe. The proposed Caucedo Petroleum Terminal would involve a US$50 million investment. Carlos Jose Marti, spokesman for Marti PG, said that the new terminal would go up beside the AES Andres installations in Punta Caucedo. Marti PG operates propane gas distributors Tropigas Dominicana and Sunix Petroleum. The company signed an agreement with AES Dominicana for the distribution of natural gas nationwide. Marti said that in the first quarter of 2009 construction would start on the 10 million gallon capacity propane gas storage tanks.

The installation would also have on site a diesel tank with capacity for 120,000 barrels of fuel. The multi-fuel terminal (propane gas, natural gas, gasoline and diesel) would enable the country to keep strategic reserves to confront any contingency. The new terminal would also mean that the country could source fuel from large ships, reducing costs.