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Puerto Plata’s infrastructure to do list

Playa Dorada Hotels Association president Roberto Casoni told members of a recent press trip to Puerto Plata that the area’s priorities are the restoration of the historic downtown, the cruise ship port, the Navarrete-Puerto Plata highway expansion and the Gaspar Hernandez-Nagua highway improvements. He praised the government for investments that have been made in infrastructure.

“Prices are not determined by the hotel, but by the destination. The hotels are forced to lower their prices when the destination is not perceived as exclusive and of high value,” said the businessman. He said several hotels still required remodeling, but if the numbers are not there, the owners will not make the investment. He said that Puerto Plata was affected by a price war. Casoni also spoke of the need to improve the side attractions in Puerto Plata. Furthermore, he said that an obstacle to tourism in the area is the high rates charged by hotel taxis, discouraging tourists from touring the Puerto Plata area on their own.