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Long weekends in 2010

Take note of Dominican holidays and vacation days for 2010. These are important to know because long weekends are peak travel times for Dominicans. This year, long weekends are scheduled for New Year’s (through 4 January), and then again in January when Altagracia Day merges with Duarte Day. Then in April, Easter comes along at the start of the month. June opens with Corpus Christi Day long weekend. And there is another long weekend in August, for Restoration Day. September brings the Mercedes Day holiday that falls on a Friday, making for extra vacation days. Note that Christmas for 2010 is extra long, since Christmas Eve falls on a Friday. Ditto for New Year’s, with New Year’s Eve falling on a Friday.

For more details on holidays in 2010, see http://dr1.com/travel/prepare/holidays.shtml