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Travel holds its own to DR

Travel to the Dominican Republic in 2009 leveled off, with a slight increase of 0.32%. The increase comes despite the World Tourism Organization forecast of a general drop of 5% in travel to the Caribbean.

Overall, according to Central Bank statistics, a total of 4,414,756 tourists traveled to the DR by air in 2009, for an increase of 16,013 compared to 2008. The number of non-resident arrivals in 2009 was 3,992,303 for 12,631 more travelers. According to the Central Bank, non-resident Dominicans registered an increase of 8.41%, with 44,745 more visiting the country in DR, compensating for the decline in international travelers. Travel in December showed an 8.87% increase, or 33,269 more visitors, mostly foreigners.