Cholera free New Year

News reports indicate that the New Year was cholera-free. On Friday, 31 December, the six patients that had been hospitalized were sent home, as reported in Diario Libre. As of 30 December, there have been 139 reported sick with cholera in the Dominican Republic. Of these 70% are men, of which 56% are 15-49 years old. As of the closing of the Diario Libre Monday issue, there were no cases reported nor were lab tests being carried out. The local cases have been concentrated primarily on the border with Haiti.

The Ministry of Public Health announced that updates on cholera would now be given on Mondays and Fridays. The Ministry considers the disease is under control in the DR.

For an overview on the disease and how it could affect travelers to the DR, see http://www.dr1.com/travelnews/archive/2010/tnews120710.html