Protect Dominican rum

Freddy Ortiz, in Hoy on 30 December, explained what’s with the fight to protect the Dominican rum brand. The resolution prohibits the commercialization of the product marketed as Ron Punta Cana, manufactured by Oliver & Oliver. The label of the product indicates that it is rum aged 12 and 15 years. The rum is sold under the Viejo, Muy Viejo, 12 Years and 15 Years labels. The company also produces the brands Ron Atlantico, Ron Ophimus, Ron Cubaney, Ron Unique that have been exported for the past 15 years.

But according to the rules, for the aging of rum to take place, this has to be in white oak barrels that is not the case of the Oliver & Oliver products.

Ortiz calls for protecting the brand of Dominican Rum. He said it was a six-year process to obtain the denomination of origin. He explained it is not the same thing aging through chemical processes (used in other countries) as that in barrels.

He said in the labeling of Ron Punta Cana there is an intent evident intent to deceive the consumer.

Last week the Association Dominican of Producers of Rum (Adopron) published a communication supporting Resolution Digenor 10-XII-RTD 477 of the government that banned the marketing as rum of products that do not meet Dominican technical requirements.