Final year-end festivities toll: 105

The final count of fatalities over the Christmas and New Year’s festivities was 105. Of these, 74 occurred on the roads and 31 were related to social or police conflicts. It should be noted that the largest country in South America, Brazil, reported just 105 total highway deaths over the same period.

According to Hoy newspaper, the Emergency Operations Center (COE) reported 40 fatalities between the 24th and 26th of December, 11 more than in 2009. There were 15 more accident and poisoning victims than in 2009, while there were 19 fewer victims of fights and other social conflicts. Both the National Police and the COE delivered their final reports yesterday.

The COE reported a total of 574 accident victims with 74 fatalities. Of these, 22 were pedestrians hit by vehicles, 39 were the result of motorcycle accidents and the rest were caused by truck and car accidents. Motorcycles were involved in over half of the traffic fatalities (53%). The National Police reported 31 deaths: 25 in fights and social conflicts, 4 while committing criminal acts and 2 killed by the Police.