The case of the baseball player

Alfredo Simon, accused of causing the death of 25-year old Michael Esteban Castillo Almonte and injuring his brother, 17-year old Estarlin Castillo, turned himself in to the Chief of Police, Jose Armando Polanco Gomez yesterday. Simon was a close friend of Michael Castillo. He was accompanied by his lawyer and his mother as well as by Julio Lugo, another Major League player who works with the National Police. Simon was then sent to Puerto Plata where he faced arraignment on charges of involuntary homicide and other offenses related to firing his pistol. The District Attorney told Diario Libre reporters that in this type of case, and given the information that he had, it was a requirement of the law to ask for a remand to protective custody. The judge ordered a one-year period of custody until the case is ready to go to court. While lesser than in the past, firing weapons as people celebrate the New Year has long been the cause of tragic incidents.

“I am very sorry about this situation and more so because the man who died was like my brother, with whom I spent time when we met in our hometown,” he said, as reported in El Caribe.