The end of the CDA is near

Several state agencies requested the safekeeping of the remaining assets of the bankrupt Dominican Aviation Company (CDA), whose assets are under inventory by the Reformed Business Patrimonial Fund (FONPER), the former Commission for Reforming the Public Businesses (CREP).

Both the Dominican Civil Aviation Institute (IDAC), and the Dominican Air Force (FAD) asked to take over the assets of the company, and, in the meantime, the Ministry of Public Works authorized the Aeropuertos Siglo XXI (Aerodom) company to demolish the CDA hangar at the Las Americas International Airport (AILA).

Information received by Diario Libre indicates that in memorandum 4390 dated 15 July 2009, the IDAC requested that Fonper transfer the two airplanes that the CDA still has, as well as the stairs and instruments, to their possession. In memorandum 10823, dated 20 August of that same year, President Leonel Fernandez authorized this transfer to IDAC, and it was communicated by the Fonper on the following 22 October.

These assets were supposed to be part of the creation of a foundation and museum aimed at compiling the history of Dominican Aviation by the IDAC. On 20 July 2009, members of the Patrimony Management Directorate met with Aerodom personnel at AILA in order to identify the parts and articles requested by the IDAC with the aim of separating them from the other parts.