Wound victim of ballplayer makes statement

Starlin Castillo Hernandez told Diario Libre reporters how his brother, Michel Esteban Castillo Almonte was killed by the baseball pitcher from the Gigantes del Cibao, Alfredo Simon, during the early hours of January 1st in the central park of Luperon: “Two prostitutes were fighting, then he (Alfredo Simon) went to separate them, when he got them separated, he took out a pistol and that is when he shot towards where we were”.

Castillo Hernandez, who was also wounded, said that one of the shots went through his right side and then hit his brother in the chest, killing him. “When the bullet hit my brother, he walked over and lay down on a park bench facing up with blood coming from his mouth and nose and Freddy (Alfredo) who was close by stood there as if nothing had happened”, he said.

He added that after several people helped take his brother to a medical center and when they passed close to where Alfredo was, the pitcher supposedly looked at him, took a drink of whiskey and then supposedly turned his back.

Starlin said that neither he nor his brother had personal problems with the pitcher, and for this reason he said that he doesn’t know why the ballplayer had to fire his pistol. “I think that if he (Alfredo) shot accidentally as they are saying, why didn’t he pick up my brother and take him to the hospital?”, said Starlin.