Trampling all over the Constitution

Writing in today’s Diario Libre editorial, Inez Aizpun commented on the video, saying that the Chamber of Deputies president acted as an auctioneer. “And that way, with the urgency of someone who wants to get out of an uncomfortable but obligatory situation, perhaps swallowing in dry and evidently nervous, Don Abel led the Legislative Branch to jump its own laws. All this to accommodate the budgetary needs of a politician who is in campaign mode but is not even competing in the 2012 election.

“The legislative branch is not there to legalize the decisions that violate the constitution of a stressed-out Executive Branch, even if the PLD members believe this to be the case. Don Abel Martinez, auctioneer extraordinaire and docile member of his party, has lent a great service to his boss. Even when he has trampled all over the Constitution.”