Colonial Zone gets US$30 million

Backed by a study that reveals antiquated infrastructure and neglect, the Inter-American Development Bank will finance projects and services in coordination with the Ministry of Tourism to improve public spaces in the Colonial Zone.

However, the colonial-era buildings in the area still require some sort of a solution. The city council told Listin Diario that they do not have the authority to intervene in the properties, since there are several other institutions and agencies that need to sign off on absolutely anything that touches these structures.

Jorge Daries Olmos, tourism director of Especialistas en Desarrollo Sostenible (EPYPSA) of Spain, a consultant for the IDB, said that the public spaces would be improved in order to provide more attractions for tourists in the area. Daries noted that the deterioration of the old houses did need to be investigated and resolved, adding that the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Culture and its Monumental Heritage Department, as well as several other agencies and ministries, together with the property owners have the opportunity to present the IDB with a proposal for rescuing the properties.