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Multiple destination marketing is key

In a recent interview, Demetrius Canton, the director of lodging supply for the Caribbean for Expedia, the leading Internet room booking website, praised the Dominican Republic’s marketing campaigns. He pointed to the Dominican Republic as one of the Caribbean destinations that has been able to market itself effectively during tough times and as a result has reaped rewards.

“When I look across the region, the islands that have fared well include the Dominican Republic. Obviously, the all-inclusive is very hot right now as the customer is looking at price point. The airlift is also a significant factor and that island has continued to add lift from international markets and the United States,” he said.

“Granted, they are sitting on 70,000 hotel rooms; but they are also not as dependent on US travelers as many other islands are. Around 40 per cent of their arrivals are of American origin, so they are a bit more diversified. It’s one of the more expensive lifts but the demand is there”, he said.

Canton says for the Caribbean there are definitely opportunities to focus on the Latin American market and that South America is a big market. The Dominican Republic has been successful at penetrating this market, with tourists coming from Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Peru and Ecuador. Canton mentioned that Brazilians have many holidays, and are used to paying high hotel prices.