DR delegates Wesolowski case to the Vatican

Gisela Cueto, in charge of extradition at the Attorney General Office, says that the competent jurisdiction to try former papal nuncio Josef Wesolowski is the Vatican, not the Polish authorities. Earlier this month, the Polish legal authorities complained that their Dominican counterparts had not delivered the documentation for them to open the case against Wesolowski in Poland. The Dominican legal authorities have cooperated with the Polish authorities in the case against Father Wojciech Gil who was parish priest in Juncalito, Santiago province and is accused of pedophilia.

The local law enforcement authorities clarified that Wesolowski cannot be judged twice and have delegated the trial to the Vatican. The Vatican has a long track record of lenience in pedophilia cases over the ages. Former papal nuncio Josef Wesolowski is the highest-ranking member of the Catholic clergy to be accused of sexual abuse.