Lopez Mendez brothers die in clash with SWAT

Brothers 24-year old Omar and 20-year old Cesar Alejandro Lopez Mendez were killed in a SWAT Police operation on Saturday, 27 December 2014. They had been hiding in a house in Pedro Brand, off Km. 24 of the Duarte Highway. They are accused of murdering two police agents and other civilians and were being actively sought by the Police. The brothers resisted arrest. As reported in the press, the SWAT operation took four hours. Police Chief Major General Manuel Castro Castillo said that the Police would not be intimidated in its fight against the law by criminals. He said the brothers had a long track record of contract killings, drug trafficking, armed robbery and other crimes. Two women and two little girls who were at the house were rescued unharmed. He said the women are under arrest and are being questioned about their connection with the brothers. The brothers were buried in Moca, where they lived with their parents, psychologist Cecilia Maria Mendez and farmer Oscar Lopez.

Los hermanos López Méndez eran de familia “acomodada”