Six pals, now all dead

22-year old Jonas Alejandro Paulino Frias, the only one of six friends to survive the blaze of the mini-van in which they traveled from a party in Santo Domingo to Boca Chica beach in the early hours of Sunday 21 December, died of his severe burn wounds on Christmas day.

The other victims were 22-year old Juan Albert Pereira Paulino, 21-year old Samantha Jimenez, 24-year old Carmen Leticia Pineda, 24-year old Esterling Rafael Garcia and 29- year old Victor Manuel Mercedes, who is believed to have been driving the vehicle when the accident occurred at Km. 17 of the Las Americas Expressway.

The friends’ tragic death sent a chilling reminder to all Dominicans to take care over the holidays with drinking and driving.