Deceased Dominicans returning home

During the year 2015, at least 49 Dominicans living overseas lost their lives in street violence in the United States, Puerto Rico and Spain, including nine taxi drivers and bar owners and seven due to fights between rival drug gangs.

This figure is eight higher than in 2014 and includes 33 who died in the United States, two in Puerto Rico and four in Spain, all of whose bodies were sent back to the country and arrived at Las Americas International Airport to be collected by their families and friends.

The taxi drivers and bar owners were all resisting robberies either on the street or in their businesses, six in the United States and two in Puerto Rico. Other Dominicans living overseas are becoming increasingly concerned at the increase in crime there. Some of the perpetrators of the crimes were other Dominicans who fled back to the Dominican Republic and have not been caught.

Most of the drug-related crime took place in parts of New York.

As well as the 49 Dominicans who were killed overseas, 22 bodies of citizens who died abroad in other circumstances were also returned to the Dominican Republic.

En 2015, 49 dominicanos han muerto en hechos violentos en el exterior