Ambassador Steve Cote: Canada in the DR

Canadian ambassador to the Dominican Republic, Steve Cote, observed that 745,000 Canadian tourists visited the Dominican Republic in 2015, bringing in US$800 million in hard currency to the country. He said the Embassy of Canada in the Dominican Republic supports tourism in the country with programs such as lifesaver training and managing of emergencies. Likewise, he explained the Canadian armed forces, the Royal Mounted Police and Canadian border security have also assisted the Dominican Republic with training programs.

He observed Canada and the DR have 100 years of trade ties and more than 60 years of formal diplomatic relations. An estimated 10,000 Canadians live permanently in the Dominican Republic.

Bilateral trade was around US$1 billion in 2015, making the DR one of the leading Canadian trading partners in the region. Canadian investments in the Dominican Republic over the 2010-2015 have surpassed US$3 billion, making Canada the leading foreign investor in the Dominican Republic with 21.9% of the total Foreign Direct Investment. Leading Canadian companies in the Dominican Republic are Scotiabank, Gildan and Barrick Pueblo Viejo.

Ambassador Cote made the comments during the celebration of the Canada National Day at the Hotel Jaragua Renaissance.