RD$50 million cigarette contraband stopped

The Ministry of Defense announced the seizing of contraband that included 10 million cigarettes, with an estimated market value of RD$50 million. The contraband is believed to have come from Haiti. The merchandise was transported in a truck driven by Abel Martinez and had traveled from Elias Pina on the border with Haiti without the corresponding cargo bill of lading.

The cigarettes were seized on Autopista 6 de Noviembre near the tollbooth prior to entering Santo Domingo. In addition to driver Martinez, also arrested were Luis Alexander Sanchez Lorenzo, Milagros Antonio Sanchez Batista and Ernesto Valeriano, who are accused of escorting the truck as they travelled in a Mitsubishi SUV. The arrested were in possession of a Sarsilmaz 9 mm pistol with an expired license.

The cigarettes were branded as Capital, Gold City and Cumbia.

Decomisan contrabando de cigarrillos valorado en más de 50 millones de pesos