Non-profit institutions fail to report

There are 467 non-profits that have not filed the required income and expenses documents to the government so far this year. Law 122-05 requires institutions that receive money from the government to report on their finances. These 467 organizations have a collective budget of RD$310,676,529 for this fiscal year according to a list created by the Accounting Office.

One of the main institutions to be named in the list is the Dominican Federation of NGOs and the Coalition of NGOs. In addition, on the list is the Dominican Journalist College (CDP) that received RD$1.3 million from the government. Ironically, the Dominican College of Public Accountants that received RD$600,000 also failed to report.

The Juan Bosch Political Training Institute and the Jose Francisco Pena Gomez Dominican Technological College and the Women and Health Collective all received between half a million and a million pesos but as of yet have not presented their financial statements.

In addition, the Board for the Strategic Development of Santiago received RD$4.5 million, the Foundation for Community Action in Peravia RD$4.7 million, the National Foundation for Political Parties, RD$900,000, the Orlando Martinez Foundation RD$1.1 million and the Development of Marginalized Sectors of the Dominican Republic received RD$2.2 million.

Being on the list does not mean that there has been mismanagement of the funds, but rather that these organizations simply have not filed the required reports on how the funds received from the government have been spent.

On Monday, 4 July 2016, the president of the Chamber of Accounts Licelot Marte said that they will be investigating 88 NGOs after receiving a communication from the Ministry of Economy that the disbursements of government allotments to these be suspended. The NGOs have not filed the required financial statements.