Senate passes Domain Extinction Bill

The Domain Extinction Bill was passed in the Senate. The bill was submitted by senators Adriano Sanchez Roa, Julio Cesar Valentin and Charlie Mariotti and seeks to create new legal tools to seize goods obtained by organized crime and drug trafficking. The bill is known by its name in Spanish “Proyecto de Ley sobre Juicios de Extincion de Dominio para el Decomiso Civil de Bienes Ilicitos.”

A court order would be required for an expropriation to take place. The state prosecution service, nevertheless, would be responsible for carrying out an inventory and safeguarding the assets to prevent them from being transferred to third parties during the hearing process.

The bill would allow the state to expropriate goods acquired with illicitly obtained money.

Recently drug traffickers who have made plea bargains in the United States have returned to claim millions of dollars worth of assets after serving short sentences.

The bill distributes drug related assets to 25% the Attorney General Office, 25% to the National Council of Drugs, 25% to the National Drug Control Agency and 15% to agencies that work to prevent and rehab drug addicts and 10% to the National Police.

The bill now passes to the Chamber of Deputies.