PRM and PRSC protest handing out of electoral win certificates

The PRM and the PRSC announced they would not participate in the presentation the Central Electoral Board (JCE) of certificates will hold on 7 July 2016 to acknowledge winners in the 15 May 2016 election.

The political parties announced the decision as they continue to protest the lack of judicial conclusion to claims made for irregularities in the 15 May 2016 election. The parties protest that the handing out of certificates favors winning candidates who they say have not complied with the procedural rigors and in some cases do not have the vote count in their favor to be recognized as winners.

The PRM called the handing out of the certificates “another mockery of political organizations and citizens by the JCE.”

A note signed by Andres Bautista and Jesus Vasquez, president and secretary general said they have called for a 10am press conference to give more details.

Meanwhile, the JCE announced the handing out of winner certificates to President Danilo Medina and Vice President Margarita Cedeno as well as to 32 senators and 198 deputies. The event is scheduled 7 July 2016 at 11am at the new convention center of the Ministry of Foreign Relations.

The JCE has said that the certificates at the municipal level will be handed out by the municipal electoral boards.

JCE entregará mañana certificado de elección a Danilo y proclamará congresistas

PRM instruye a candidatos electos no acudir  este jueves ante JCE a  recibir certificados