911 going well in San Cristobal

After one month in operation, the 911 emergency service in San Cristóbal and Haina has responded to 2,416 emergencies, including 639 traffic incidents.

The extension of the 911 emergency coverage area, with a population of 425,000, has resulted in a 27.5% increase in calls to 911, according to Presidency Minister Gustavo Montalvo.

Of the 1,777 emergencies attended, 380 were for accidents, 231 people in danger, 207 for domestic violence and 138 for physical aggression. Another 103 were for people in a critical state of health, 90 for fires and 75 for breathing difficulties.

As well as the municipalities of Haina and San Cristobal, the service now also covers San Gregorio de Nigua and the municipal districts of Hatillo, Hato Damas and El Carril.

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