Félix Paulino was released on assistant Public Prosecutor’s orders

An assistant to the Public Prosecutor in San Cristobal was the person who ordered the central Criminal Investigation Unit (Dicrim) to release Brayan Peter Felix Paulino, who was arrested on 12 December 2016, according to the police notebook for 13 December.

Felix Paulino was arrested for driving a motorcycle without documents and told investigators that he was released after paying a bribe of RD$25,000.

Captain Andujar Lopez stopped him on 12 December when he was on the motorcycle with 20-year old Juan Kelly Pilar Rosario, near the preventive jail of San Cristobal. The motorcycle was confiscated and both men were arrested.

The following day, according to the police notes, they were released and handed over to Jonathan Rodriguez. According to the police, Felix Paulino identified himself as 23-year old Winston Alfonso Medina, who did not have an identity card, and said he lived in the National District.

It is not known if Dicrim used Felix Paulino’s fingerprints to identify him correctly or not.

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