COPRE continues to empty Tavera

The Dams Operations Committee (COPRE) has announced that it is continuing to release water from the Tavera reservoir because of rising water levels resulting from the rains that fell in the watersheds of the Yaque and Bao rivers. The rains have decreased in the Central Mountains, and Onamet has lifted its meteorological alerts for the provinces of Montecristi, Puerto Plata, Dajabón, Espaillat (Moca) and Santiago.

On the early morning of Wednesday, 11 January 2017, the water behind the Tavera Dam was at 326.73 meters above sea level. Water was said to be entering at 215 m3 a second and the discharge was rated at 185.64. The maximum design level of the lake is supposed to be 327m above sea level.

Civil Defense director General Rafael de Luna Pichirilo told news reporters that the lower Yaque River valley floods when there is major rainfall in the watersheds of the Amina, Mao and Guayubin rivers. He added that alerts have been issued for parts of Santiago, Valverde (Mao) and Montecristi provinces because so much water has been released from the dam.

The waters from the dam have caused major damage to farms near the river course in the west. It takes the waters about four days to run from the Tavera Dam to Montecristi on the northwest coast.

12 January 2017