Moca zoo and botanical garden to get a facelift

The city government of Moca, capital of Espaillat province, has announced a program to refurbish the municipal zoological and botanical gardens with the infrastructure required for correct management of the animals. Mayor Angel Lopez toured the area with the members of his team in order to personally launch the program. The zoo in Moca is a unique and historical institution. It will be closed to the public until the refurbishment is completed.

According to Lopez, local businesses have contributed to the program by sponsoring different areas of the park. Cages are to be rebuilt and the paths and walkways repaired. The restaurant and the children’s area will also be refurbished.

The zoo has entertained people from the Cibao for over 30 years and is regarded as an education and ecological attraction for all. The city park dates back to in 1982 when it opened during the city government of Rubén Lulo Gitte. In recent years it has fallen into disrepair, leading to widespread public concern about the welfare of the animals in the zoo.

Inmates at the local Isleta rehabilitation jail are taking part in the refurbishment of the park.

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12 January 2017